Divlji Balkan

The action takes place on Mount Durmitor in Montenegro, the where you can see all sorts of interesting things like a canyon Tara, a variety of animals such as bears, wolves, beavers, lynx and many other interesting stuff. One of the most interesting details in this documentary is that there are still people who live there, alone in wildness, somewhat remote from civilization, one of the inhabitants of the Stena Cerovic who told us how to live in a place like the Durmitor mountains. Later we go to Croatia, river Kopacki Rit and many more places.
The Balkan Peninsula is notorious for being one of the great battlegrounds of history. And yet, it possesses another side unknown to many, where ancient forests and vast wetlands harbor pristine wilderness, and sheer cliff walls and desolate plateaus preserve a seemingly unchanged past. Surveying these striking and stark landscapes, one might think they’ve ventured into the Middle-earth of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings

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